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Wow! Food was great. So much to choose from. Liked that your order can be customized. Highly recommend this place. Will be back....often!
This place sucks
Wow, If there was just one good thing I could say about my food today I would say it. But i am not going back.
I tried this place out with a couple of friends and the portion size of the food was not worth the price, you can go to applebee's,Chili's,Panera bread and get a full meal for a $10 sandwhich that comes with the smallest sides "fruit cup" 1 slice of orange,3 pineapples,3 cantaloupe and they were cut so small I don't know how this business can stay open for long for breakfast just go get the Grand Slam breakfast at Denny's save your money for what they charge for a sandwhich and drinks NOT WORTH IT!
This was our first time here. Definitely won't be our last! Absolutely delicious. The shrimp tacos and chicken and waffles were awesome. Can't wait to come back and try try out more of your menu.
Best Damn French Toast EVER can't even find French toast this good in New Orleans!
One of the BEST places that delivered to our office to eat BREAKFAST!!! I will NEVER eat another bite of breakfast anywhere anymore. This place is my official GO TO ;-)...They are so on target with everything it was absolutely amazin!!! M.L.L.
I don't normally write reviews, yet our initial experience with this newly opened establishment has compelled me to do so. I have visited the location in Pensacola,Fl. SO, I will not insinuate that the quality is any better or worse from any of the other locations involved within this business conglomerate. Well, here we go: First, As my family and I entered we were asked if we had ever visited before, and since we had not, we were conveyed that they were a self serve restaurant. My wife and I immediately thought of a breakfast buffet. Of course it was then explained that it is in fact more of a counter order system and we were not really going to serve ourselves. ( Then, don't tell anyone it's "self serve") Second, while ordering our food, the counter attendant was not very personable and inviting nor conversationally receptive. I asked if there was a meal I could get for my child that had certain items that he wanted all in one. And, the attendant just waved her hand at me and said sure I got ya. Come to find out, she just rang up what I ordered separately and charged me more than what I could have paid for a meal. THANKS BUDDY, you got me! Haha Third, while sitting down waiting for our meals, we thought, ok this place is new let's see how the Food is. We were the first people through the door and the first to order, there were four people that had ordered after us, and we still got our food last. I understand new cooks need to learn how to manage the tickets in and tickets out, but when you expedite to the consumer you don't start with the last ticket in, that is basic restaurant knowledge 101. AND Yes, I know the trade oh too well. Fourth, THE FOOD! Ok, I am the type of consumer that will put all that other mess aside if the Food can hold up the reputation of the experience. Let's face it, the forementioned is all based on the employees' individual service abilities. The true " make or break" is the Food. So, here it is: (for what we ordered) Plating was sloppy, and the use of large plates for small portions leaves the visual appetite unfulfilled. At least use the right size plates for the portions served to give customers a sense that we weren't just cheated out of a meal. If you charge 12 bucks make the plate look worth it. I ordered Eggs over easy , and we received sunny side up eggs that were too runny and raw to even be considered sunny side up. The poached eggs for the Benedict were under done as well. Your Hollandaise sauce had "Broke" and was not creamy at all. And there was too much salt added to all of the components leaving the taste of the dish to be bitter and non appealing. The Bacon on all of our plates were over cooked and burned, so the only flavor that came through was carbon charcoal. The French Toast is too dense of a toast so the bread was like biting a sponge. The waffle, on the other hand was crispy on the outside and airy on the inside. ( good job on the waffles) the potato hash was definitely something poured out of a pre frozen bag. And on the description of your coffee on this website the coffee should be "savory", well sorry the coffee is watery and tasteless. I was really hoping this would have been a better experience, maybe it's just that they need to work out the kinks a little. Well my family and I have decided not to return, our first impression of this has left me salty just like the food they served me. If you want a meal that will accommodate the amount of money you spend and produce the quality marketed by the advertising, as of now this place is Not It!
What a delightful surprise! We had lunch today and the food was fresh and delicious. No insane wait times, but I can tell they are still streamlining some processes with timing. No biggie! I’ll be back for sure!
Definitely recommended. The whole restaurant is great, the staff is friendly, restaurant looks clean, food is great, and the prices are set at a good price. If you have the chance you should definitely give it a try, probabaly one of the best brunch places in Pensacola.
Beautiful atmosphere, amazing food, and pleasant staff. The order/pay first and then seat yourself, they bring you your food with a self serve drink station is a wonderful new concept to add to the area. I can't wait to go back and try everything on the menu.
First let me start by saying the food is delicious. The staff is very friendly. That being said the way things work is a little unorthodox. Order and pay at counter but they bring your food to you. All condiments and utensils are at a service station along with water and coffee. This being my second trip I knew how things worked which made it much easier. This place is still working out a few small kinks but I think the wait time has improved. So if you've been here and liked the food but thought other things needed attention, try it again, I think you will enjoy it. If you haven't been here yet you gotta stop by.
I thought it was outstanding!! I am a sales rep and I ordered a catered lunch for an office of 35 people and it could not have gone better! The service was exceptional, the presentation beautiful, and the food was mouth-watering. We had an assortment of sandwiches/paninis with a juicy salad and fresh fruit with homemade cookies. Utter perfection. Make sure to get your own drinks. I highly recommend Egg Wits for any of your catering needs. It feels great to support a new local business that has so much talent and heart.